In Store Payment options available:

  1. Cash - Australian Dollars only
  2. EFTPOS (Cards often have a $1,000 daily limit, please check limits before payment) 
    • Gift cards not accepted. 
    • Card must be in your name. 
    • No cards owned by a person that is not the person presenting the card.
  3. Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. 
    • There is a 1.9% surcharge on all credit card payments. 
    • For security reasons, you will also be asked to please provide photographic ID when paying by credit card in-store. 
    • Card must be in your name. 
    • No gift cards or cards owned by a person that is not the person presenting the card
  4. Cheque 
  • Pay field must be: Australian Bullion Company (NSW) Pty Ltd. 
  • No endorsed third-party cheques. 
  • Cheques can take up to 4 business days to clear, including Bank issued cheques.
  • Funds need to clear before metal is available for collection/delivery.

Internet Payment options available (your invoice will be emailed to you after you have confirmed the order online): 

  1. BPAY or EFT (electronic transfer) – Please note that funds must clear in our bank account before metal can be collected/delivered (this can take up to two business days). 
  2. Credit Card (VISA or MasterCard) - Payments are processed via BPoint (a credit card surcharge of 1.9% is charged). Conditions below: 
    • Australian issued cards that are 3D Secured.
    • Payment from Australian IP addresses only.
    • No payments from behind a VPN. 
  3. Bitcoin and alt-coins – Please select “BPAY Payment” 
  • Payment is to be made via Living Room of Satoshi 
  • Entering our BPAY details & reference number 

Credit Card (First Time Payments)

For security reasons, any orders placed on a new ABC Bullion account and paid by credit card are held for at least five days before ABC Bullion releases or ships the goods. 

Bank Deposit

You can deposit or transfer to our Commonwealth Bank account at any bank branch or Post Office. Our account details and your reference number are printed on your invoice above the BPAY details.