The ABC Bullion Gold Saver account is the perfect solution for those looking to build up a savings account in physical precious metals (both gold and silver). Individuals can set up a regular direct debit from their bank account, which ABC Bullion will convert into either gold or silver upon receipt. Your savings are then linked to the price of gold and silver, allowing them to grow over time, with gold rising by 10% per annum in the past decade, a far higher return than any cash account or term deposit. 


The ABC Bullion Gold Saver account is also a perfect solution for parents and grandparents looking to create a valuable long term savings account for their children or grandchildren. All the gold and silver bought through the ABC Bullion product range is refined at the ABC Refinery, Australia’s only independent London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) accredited gold refinery.