Barring premiums cover the costs of fabricating our ABC Pool Allocated Products into a specific bar, coin or tablet at the election of a client.

The barring premium is only charged if you want to convert ABC Pool Allocated Product into physical metal for you to take out of storage. If you elect to sell back to ABC, no barring premium will be charged.


Assume the current selling price of 1 ounce of ABC Pool Allocated gold is $2,869.40 and a 2 ounce ABC Gold Cast Bar is selling for $5,783.90 (live selling prices of our products are available here).

In this example, the barring premium for a 2 ounce bar would be difference between the 2 ounce bar price of $5,783.90 and 2 ounces of pool allocated gold worth $5,738.80, which would be $45.10 in this example.

If you wanted to convert, say 4 ounces of ABC Pool Allocated gold into two 2 ounce ABC Bullion gold cast bars, then the barring premium you would pay would simply be $45.10 x 2, or AUD $90.20.