As a significant refinery and bullion coin, bar and jewellery manufacturer, ABC Bullion has substantial working inventory of precious metals in our business at all times. Pool allocated is designed to simply allow investors to own a share of that physical metal.

ABC Bullion does not engage in fractional backing (i.e. not 100%) of its pool allocated. With a refining output of 100 tonnes of gold and 500 tonnes silver annually, ABC Bullion if anything has an excess of metal beyond the demand from its domestic customers.

The pool of precious metal investors has a share of includes externally audited metal positions held by ABC Bullion in its Sydney head office, states offices as well as in related bodies corporate of the Pallion group, such as ABC Refinery, Palloys and WJ Sanders.

As pool allocated metal is held across a number of our businesses in various forms, if all pool allocated clients were to request delivery of their holdings at the one time, we would be able to fulfil those requests but there may be a delay while we melted and recast metal into the requested forms.