The majority of our clients prefer to store their metal with us as they do not want to worry about their gold or silver being stolen. Other clients prefer to have bars and coins under their control and immediately accessible.


For those choosing storage with us, the majority go with pool allocated as it has no storage fees and has a cost effective price but you can also store bars and coins with us for a small fee.


If you are after a physical product, generally cast bars are cheaper than minted tablets, which are cheaper than coins. All the products we sell are equally tradable and it comes down to personal preference for aesthetics, potential for collectability and price.


Regarding sizes, generally the larger the weight of the product the cheaper it is on a per ounce basis. However if you are likely to want to sell part of your investment over time instead of in one lump sum then breaking up your purchase into smaller sizes gives you flexibility when it comes to liquidating your investment.